quarta-feira, abril 21, 2010

About living in LA

Uma amiga de um amigo escreveu isto numa discussão sobre mudar de Los Angeles, já que a pessoa se considerava estagnada artisticamente. Gostei muito.

A friend of a friend wrote this in a discussion about moving or not from LA. Many artists struggle here trying to make it and most of them get frustrated after a while.

I spent 7 years of my young adulthood in LA and my life didn't really start until I got the hell out of there. I love the friends I made and am so great-full for the amazing communities I got to be a part of but for me, LA is a nice place to visit. I tell people this when they are considering moving to LA to 'follow their dreams': "Go to Los Angeles with a product, a proven concept, a finalized script, a well-established career. Do not show up in LA like millions of others searching for a validation for your dream. LA is the place to put your already established dream/idea/talent on the conveyor belt for mass production. It is not a city that nurtures seedling careers. It eats seeds for it's pre-breakfast meal! It may appear that la is full of opportunities, and it is! It's just that there are so many people there vying for those opportunities that in many cases your chances of getting any attention (despite your raw talent) are barely better than your chance of winning the lottery! So if the competition is that stiff, your product/idea/talent better be fucking amazing. And it isn't going to get to fucking amazing status if you are caught up in the rat race, trying to make money all the time. When are you going to be able to nurture your creativity?". So I would advise you to get a copy of the artist's way, get the hell out of lalaland for 4-6 months, rent a cabin in the woods or on the beach somewhere beautiful and isolated- a place that inspires you- and do the AW program, write music, stay up til 4am having creative fits... Whatever. Give yourself time and psychic space to really create. Come back to LA with somethig you could take to an agent or a record label or you could even publish yourself! 

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