quinta-feira, novembro 04, 2004

Comentários dos amigos sobre as eleições:

humor negro:"You can do anything now and get away with it. The information highway has been a blessing and a curse. Now you can spin anything and make it seem like the truth.
This country just lost to the people that argue faith over fact. The Islam people are losing to the extremists. The Jewish people are losing to the extremists in Israel. And now we've officially lost to the extremist and you know, that's probably the most scary.
John Kerry lost because Jesus didn't want the sandniggers to creep into their sunday morning picnic and turn their kids into terrorist faggots. God bless the US. KILL KILL KILL, BUYBUY BUY, JESUS JESUS JESUS!
Well, one good thing. The art in this country is going to be amazing. Look for a lot of crazy shit. Repression and fear breeds good tunes.
Kill all the commies, terrorists, faggots, jews, blacks...EVERYONE! Just don't fuck with my swimming pool!
LOVE, Satan W. Bush!"

mais um:

"Well, it would appear America has chosen to not switch horsemen mid-apocalypse, and  i was DEAD WRONG on all counts in as much I thought the youth vote would make it out. 17% fucking percent. no more than last time. To the 80% of kids in Ohio that couldn't put down the damn x-box long enough to potentially save tens if not hundreds of thousands of lives across the globe i say this: GAS UP THE BOAT FREDO, CUZ YOU ARE DEAD TO ME NOW. In fact, it’s probably time to just cut our losses and engage in the only logical next step; CALIFORNIA SUCCESSION NOW!  We’ll take our brothers and sisters in Oregon and Washington with us, Redraw the eastern boarder to include Los Vegas, and see if the Mexicans in Baja are ready to party for real, and just get out of dodge. Do we really need four more years of blood on our hands?

And Kerry, well.......geez brother. the hopes we had for ye. Let the dems take note that trying to fake being all hawkish when in yr heart of hearts you know yr anti-war, and you’re on the books voting that way, makes you look wishy washy and that’s what cost him. Bush wins because even though he’s evil and wrong, he is consistently on message. there’s no grey area with these people, and their policy of dumbing down America to the point where everything is this greatest common denominator apparently seems to have worked. 3 years of scaring the shit out of the American public just paid off. People voted on FEAR

are we doomed. maybe not. but things are looking bad for virtually the rest of the world, and they will seek revenge. I for one would personally like to be far far away when they do. That's why we start our campaign today

quarta-feira, novembro 03, 2004

It's the end of the world as we know it... (and I don't feel fine)
Califórnia está de luto. Os fundamentalistas tomam conta do mundo.
Depois dessa, dá vontade de voltar ao Brasil e ficar lá por 4 anos.
Você sabia que americanos que cometeram delito e foram presos perdem o direito ao voto? Outro absurdo da constituição americana.